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About Bodyharmonix

Bodyharmonix is a Biomechanical, Rehabilitation & Fitness Centre in Moreland’s Brunswick.

Our services include massage, physiotherapy (coming soon) , biomechanical training and exercise science.

We are an advanced wellness facility in Melbourne. Our results demonstrate our pride and confidence in our professional staff.

Physical education and sports science backgrounds provide a host of highly skilled therapists, exercise trainers and mentors.

Bodyharmonix therapeutic approaches are guided by empirical research into best practices tailored to in-the-field experience across a diverse range of fitness regimes. Our staff are registered with Fitness Australia and ANTA and align our Ethics and Policies according to these organisations.

Bodyharmonix is home to one of Melbourne’s most advanced fitness centres, with a biomechanical approach focused on reducing future injury and increasing physical performance.

Our mission is your health, wellness and body harmony.

We want to provide the best level care and support to our customers which is why you can access most our services with on the spot HICAPS insurance rebate including remedial massage and can be used by Medibank and other health funds such as Bupa and more.

Our Vision

Our vision here at Bodyharmonix is to share the knowledge we have about health with others. We find the greatest joy in seeing our clients reverse and get rid of problems and pains they have with movement dysfunctions and body system dysfunctions.

We want to enable our clients, members and also our staff to have the drive and persistence to put their health first.

At Bodyharmonix we aim to change the way people think about their health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to make positive life changing decisions about their physical as well as their mental health to live fulfilled, mobile and happier lives.

Our goal is to provide great customer service by focusing on the needs of our clients in all our interactions, from assessment, actions and re-assessments to make sure that our client’s goals are achieved.

Our Values

Here at Bodyharmonix we don’t treat symptoms but the very cause of the problems that cause physical dysfunctions that lead to pain and  restricted movement.

We have a strong code of conduct that’s focused on providing honest and valuable service to our members and clients. We work under the laws of science to provide the highest level of service and care.

We believe in taking a straight path to success, whether we’re working on the business or helping our clients achieve their health goals.







What does the Bodyharmonix Facility Offer?


Fitness Centre Membership

Exercise and training in a health facility can be the difference you need to make real life changes. We can help you with injury prevention and weight loss. 

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Group Training Sessions

Our wellness facility offers 60 minute group sessions focused on increasing your physical health and strength. There are 6 types of training/workouts to choose from.

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Health Education

Our goal is to help our community gain better knowledge towards health and wellness. Our articles help our clients understand their symptoms, conditions and pain.

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High Tech Training Facility

We are very proud of our facility. Not only do we put priority on our highly qualified staff, but we want to use the best training equipment available.

Our Facility




Prices at Bodyharmonix


First Initial Appointment (45 minutes) $140 – Assessing your health, injury/condition + Developing Treatment Plan

First Initial Appointment (30 minutes) $99 –  Assessing your health, injury/condition + Developing Treatment Plan

Treatment Session (60 minutes) $140 – Treatments

Treatment Session (30 minutes) $89 – Treatments

If you need to come in for a dynamic taping, strapping and general strength conditioning > Choose Treatment Session


Remedial & Sports Massage

Treatment Session (75 minutes) – $119

Treatment Session (60 minutes) – $99

Treatment Session (45 minutes) – $79

Treatment Session (30 minutes) – $59

Please keep in that we assess your health during your first massage session with us. This is so we can deliver the right treatment option for you.


Posture/Movement and Gait Cycle Analysis

Initial + Posture & Movement Analysis (90 minutes) – $399

Initial + Posture Analysis (75 minutes) – $240

Initial + Movement Analysis (75 minutes) $240

This analysis is a crucial part of identifying the real causes of your injuries, pain and dysfunctions. It allows us to deliver the ultimate rehabilitative treatment and biomechanical training programs.


Biomechanical Laboratory Training

Training Sessions (120 minutes) – $195

Training Sessions (90 minutes) – $149

Training Sessions (60 minutes) – $99

Training Sessions (45 minutes) – $85

We do offer a combined 10 session training package at our facility at a discounted value. Just call us on 03 9191 0512 or talk with your exercise scientist.

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