Biomechanical Laboratory Training

Maximise Your Physical Performance

Biomechanical laboratory training is designed to help our members  increase their balance, posture, strength and physical performance.

Gain the ability to train harder, faster and longer with our three dimensional biomechanical training system.

How does it work?

The training we provide doesn’t compromise your long term health because it’s based on science, research and takes into heavy consideration any injury, dysfunction, pain and weakness you already have in your body.

We begin by performing a full biomechanical analysis of your posture and movement . We use our results to correct any weak points and develop a personalised training program to help you reach your ultimate physical ability.

What does this do?

It establishes your posture as a strong and stable base for movement, and when you have a strong postural position you gain optimal mechanics in relation to force and levers.

We train on a transverse plane. Almost all human movement involves rotation and we train you in the same way.

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