Group Training

Functional Group Training 

We train you to improve your three dimensional movement, to improve your mobility and increase rotational power, agility and reduce physical wear and tear.
We train on a transverse plane to help you activate vital body slings and promote functional movement within your body. Sign up to one of the group classes and begin a positive step to improving your health.

Self Myofascial Release

Learn to Release tight muscles

Increase mobility

Decrease pain.

Kettlebell Group Workout

Agility training.

Complete glute workout

Activate your anterior & posterior oblique system.

Resistance Band Workout

Increase pulmunary capacity

Improve rotational power

Increase strength and mobility

Medicine Ball Group Training

Dynamic plyometric for muscle chains (glutes, hamstrings & lats).

Improve athletic performance.

Rotational Core Workout

Activate rotational power

Abdominal bracing

Functional Mobility Class

Improve posture & decrease pain

Recover from stress

Optimise athletic ability.

Challenge yourself to think about exercise differently!

Biomechanical laboratory groups training….. The perfect combination of muscle and body sling activation.

Improve 3 dimensional movement and functional movement in your body!

Our exercise and fitness helps improve your posture and prevents injury.

Book yourself in for a group training session!

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Join a 60 minute class


Cost: $35 per 60 minute class

Buy 5 sessions upfront and only pay $175 $149

But 10 sessions upfront and pay $350 $249


Classes are small and private with a maximum of 6 people per session.

Time Table 

Self Myofascial Release                    Every Monday 9am

Resistance Band Workout               Every Tuesday 9am

Medicine Ball Training                    Every Wednesday 9am

Rotational Workout                          Every Thursday 9am

Functional Group Training             Every Friday 12pm

Kettle Bell Workout                          Every Saturday 9am

Need Personal Training? 

Biomechanical training may be more suited to your fitness needs. We specialise in improving posture, movement, agility and strength! Get started with a posture analysis/movement analysis.

You can book yours here!

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