How to Completely Change with Functional Training

How to Completely Change with Functional Training


A welcome shift in general training methods has taken place recently in the fitness industry. And Bodyharmonix is up to date with this paradigm change in performance conditioning.

Whats is Functional Training?

It’s an exercise program that mimics day to day activities, known as functional training. They are a class of exercises that complement any other exercise regime. Whether you are a boxer, body builder, office worker, homemaker or retiree, functional training is suited to you.

Functional training is developed from exercises that were orientated toward rehabilitation.

The focus on resistance exercises is to put your body in an unstable environment whilst carrying out regular movements. Movements that add dimension of imbalance, to help you train your core to regain stability. You’ll use resistance equipment like heavy ropes, bands, kettle-bells and free-weights.


Each time you move your body you are exhibiting a combination of biomechanical functions. At Bodyharmonix our fully trained staff enable you to retrain dysfunctional combination patterns of movement. We do this by inquiring into your daily routines and habits, so that your functional training is tailored to your specific movement patterns.


Rather than training to increase your muscle bulk you are aiding your performance by improving your muscle strength. As well, by maintaining better stability in your core and posture, you are coordinating your different muscles groups, from top to bottom and opposite sides of your musculoskeletal frame will ensure a toned fit body that is also strong, flexible and ready for peak performance.


Of course, your genetic makeup plays a large role in how your body can harness strength and speed; maintain its flexibility and balance; be powered by your cardiovascular system; and activate neuromuscular conditioning. In spite of all this we know that functional training can create real change in your biomechanical functioning whatever your DNA expression.

You can read more about our functional training programs here.


Charmayne Paul, Bodyharmonix Associate, of Psych and Stats Tutor ~ Chart your course to success~






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