A Complete Guide to Our Biomechanical Lab: Part 1

A Complete Guide to Our Biomechanical Lab: Part 1 | Posture, Movement and Biomechanics Training


Have you tried the Biomechanical Lab at Bodyharmonix in Brunswick?

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Biomechanical training is a state-of-the-art posture and movement analysis using cutting edge technology.

Biomechanics theory is exemplified by the Australian Sports Institute (AIS) which is a world leader in developing superior athletes for Olympic and Paralypmic championships.

The Human Musculoskeltal System

Your musculoskeletal system (MSK) is a complex and dynamic mechanism that’s capable of perfect support and mobility.

The skeletal and muscular system are intricately linked to the neural pathways of your nervous system, which create an exquisite biomechanical system.

Your skeleton is not just about your bones but it also includes the connective tissue, ligaments, joints and cartilage. These provide a frame for your body, support load bearing and protect your internal organs.

Essentially, your skeletal muscle system is the reason you can move and function in daily life.

Did you know that you have over 430 muscle groups; that’s close to 40% of your body weight.

Each of these muscles is comprised of thousands of fibres; as thin as 10 μm, or as thick as  100 μm.

Also these fibres can range in length from as small as a centimetre to as long as 30cm.

Your muscles develop in layers on top of your bones, attaching to them by way of tendons.


Imagine muscles contracting. Force begins to generate in those fibres. Finally, your motion will be powered because of a simple contraction.

Your Performance Target

If you’re searching for achievements in:

  • core strength
  • endurance
  • gain elite athletic ability

Your targets can be met at our Biomechanics Lab.

We focus on your four myofascial slings which are your chains of fascia and your muscle to achieve optimum integrity of your musculoskeletal system.

Other Methods Vs Our Methods

Whereas Yoga or Pilates work on isolated muscles or muscle groups, a biomechanical approach integrates your  myofascial structure without turning off your muscle activation.

This approach creates tension that trains your MSK to respond in more natural ways of movement.

In using our biomechanical approach your MSK is strengthened and your power is increased. This helps to enhance your performance whilst protecting your body from future injury.


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