Key Benefits of Dry Needling



Key Benefits of Dry Needling

At Bodyharmonix, we use the dry needling technique to clear trigger points. You can read more about myofascial pain trigger points here . Dry needling is extremely effective in the treatment of muscle tension that occurs in a large area. For example, your back, hamstrings or obliques. For some in pain, the slightest touch can cause additional pain, and dry needling can provide optimum pain relief without the additional tension that a massage might incur.


The use of dry needling to release trigger points within muscle fibres in the periphery of your body, as well as along your spine. This technique is also known as intramuscular stimulation (IMS). It has been systematically investigated by Dr. Chan Gunn to release tension from hypertonic muscles. Dr. Gunn founded and is now president of Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain in British Columbia in Canada. He also lectures at the University of Washington, as well as overseas.

Approach and Methods

As such, dry needling theory accords with more western approaches to anatomy and neuro-physiology. It’s not only a benefit when you target myofascial pain. This therapy is also used for ligament to bone attachment. It can be a diagnostic tool for pain that is of neuropathic origin.

Don’t confuse it with acupuncture! Dry needling is considered a sub-category of the acupuncture method. The same filament needle is used and most of the meridian points are incorporated into a treatment for a given part, however where and how the needle is placed differs.

When the needle penetrates the fascia and underlying muscle that is tense, there is a reaction within the fibre band, which is countered by a slight relaxation which can reduce trigger point pain.


The Traditional Chinese Medicine method of acupuncture tends to be used to manage chronic pain conditions by stimulation of the qi flow. In contrast, dry needling focuses on soft tissue needle placement to release trigger points, and referred pain, across your musculoskeletal structure. In this way, dry needling focuses on release of tension within muscles that creates pain. On the other hand, trigger point pain can come and go as it has active and latent phases.

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