Kinesio Tape: What every athlete should be using

Kinesio Tape: What every athlete should be using


The thin elastic stretch tape in an array of colours you’re seeing on many athletes is kinesiology (Kinesio) tape.

The tremendous value in this therapy tape prevents injury and rehabilitates your musculoskeletal system. And if you’re looking for a way to treat your inflammation, kinesio is great treatment that will help.

The tape closely takes on the characteristics of human skin, like being elastic. You don’t need to apply it with binding therefore the tape is less likely to constrict your movement during training, competition and daily activities.

The kinesiology therapy tape aids the activation of your somatosensory receptors, and this helps stimulate the release of your pain. That’s because it relieves your hormones and other blood substances that alleviate your pain and decrease your inflammation.

Also, the structure of the tape and the acrylic adhesive used in it slightly lift your skin. This lifting promotes your lymph system to drain toxins from the area.

The tape was already being used in Japan. Only after 10 years it became an athletic tool in fitness centres in the west.

Despite the Japanese Olympic team using the tape at the 1988 competitions, it still took several decades for kinesio tape to become a go-to performance booster across the rest of the world.


So if you’re looking to up your ante as a professional athlete, consider a consultation with our therapist at Bodyharmonix.

To enhance your overall performance, we’ve widely trained our team to apply the tape.

We use taping to prevent physical injury and to aid you with faster recovery.


As a rehabilitative tape, it’s critical that specific taping methods be used to complement your own body’s healing measures. This will ensure you gain proper support to maintain the stability of your muscles, as well as your joints.

When used correctly, taping shouldn’t restrict your movement without a valid reason.

The tape is low allergy. Not made from latex and you can wear kinesio tape it for several days. You can read more about Kinesio (Dynamic) Taping by clicking on the link.


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