Awesome Neck Pain Change with Remedial Massage

Awesome Neck Pain Change with Remedial Massage


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Above all other body parts your neck is an area highly relied on for your day to day living. You use your neck more than you’ve probably realise. Repetitive rotation, shrugging a shoulder to cradle your phone in your ear, heavy backpacks or handbags, poor sleeping habits or inattention to posture, creates tension in muscles. Stressed muscles stay contracted, compressing nerves which leads to symptoms such as muscle spasms, numbness, tingling and often, pain. Similarly, a traumatic injury like whiplash can result in chronic soreness and discomfort.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

Th exercise scientists and physiotherapists at Bodyharmonix use remedial massage to alleviate your neck pain. Often, a biomechanical dysfunction of the neck area will cause other issues, like tension headaches, postural instability and sometimes joint immobility. Remedial massage has been found to be an effective remedy for tension type headaches. At Bodyharmonix our therapists focus on myofascial and trigger-point release to soothe contracted muscles.

Our professional team is committed to provide you with excellent healing treatements. Remedial massage is just one set of techniques we use to help those afflicted by regular headaches. Our qualified therapists have a huge respect for science, including a high level of integrity and transparency. And, we have a passion for educating you in self-management and healing of your neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment Plan

To begin with, your personalised remedial massage treatment program will include questions about your medical history. And our therapist will discuss potential environmental factors with you, that may activate or aggravate your neck condition. It’s also important for you to describe the type of neck pain you experience, its duration, location/s and activities that initiate or increase it. Then you’ll be asked to maintain a diary using the Bodyharmonix Pain Scale (2017). This data helps your therapist to track your progress and to adapt your treatment as necessary.

You will find that remedial massage at Bodyharmonix is economically priced and readily available to suit your needs. As a conservative treatment, remedial massage to alleviate chronic neck pain is a performance investment that does not take inconvenience to your lifestyle. And the changes you may need to make in some habits is a valuable investment when you see and feel an improved quality of life.

Understand Your Body

Firstly, it’s important to recognise your movement patterns that interfere with your spinal tensegrity. can improve your range of motion and decrease pain. Secondly, care towards the cervical region of your spine helps strengthens your ligaments and creates space between your vertebrae to support a healthy curve. Thirdly, it’s important for you to know that you can prevent future injuries in the soft tissues of your neck, shoulders, back and chest with remedial massage.

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