Pain Indicator Scale Analysis

Pain is an unpleasant sensation and can spiral into our emotional well-being affecting our quality of life.

Many people endure the discomfort they experience not really investing their time to understand the underlying causes.

Measuring your pain levels and keeping a diary of the type of discomfort you experience and it’s location is a great way to help determine causes and treatments.

Chronic pain is reaching record highs in Australia, but how we address the condition isn’t changing. People still rely on quick fix solutions like medications to help alleviate discomfort. One in five people in Australia say that they experience it in it’s chronic form.

Early assessment is still the best method for treating this sometimes chronic condition.

Understanding conditions that cause your pain is an important part of getting better but measuring your level of discomfort is part of the healing process.

Use our free pain indicator scale and write down your experience.

You can use it as a diary or help us match your condition with the ideal service.

Understanding your condition is an essential part of your rehabilitation.

Conditions we treat

  • Musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Osteo-arthiritis
  • Poor posture and back aches
  • Sciatica
  • Chronic Tension Headaches
  • Referred pain and weakness
  • Intervertebral discs
  • whiplash
  • Ligament trains and tears
  • Joint Pain and inflammation
  • Tendonitis and Bursitis
  • Dislocation and instability
  • Full list of conditions we help with

We have three main services that cater to alleviating painful physical conditions. It’s important that we match your needs with the correct service.

Talk with the Bodyharmonix team about your condition and book your session.

Begin understanding your pain and start a positive healing process.

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