Physiotherapy For Back Pain


Acute and chronic back pain therapy is a health issue our physiotherapist is experienced with. It is not unusual for pain to occur for no apparent reason, and back physiotherapy is a core set of methods for discovering and treating that origin.

Back pain treatment for niggling pain in the lower back or lumbar and thoracic spine areas, can get you back work, sports and leisure. Often, physio for back pain is necessary because dysfunction sets in due to workplace or other lifestyle habits. For example, sitting too long in the one position, heavy lifting, or not making time to thrive by being active outdoors.

A range of manual and passive back pain remedies are available at Bodyharmonix:

  • Releasing tension from tight muscles
  • Soft-tissue and pain-relieving exercises
  • Stretching the area around the source of pain
  • Strengthening and preventative exercises
  • Back pain therapy self-care programs

Rest is often the ideal of the acute back pain remedies. For chronic back issues, active treatment physiotherapy involves a progressive training program. Maintaining your current function, even if it is limited, is key to restoring your range of movement and mobility. Back pain can be reduced when whole-body functioning is involved in the treatment process.

Our wellness centre hosts ‘back-school’ workshops guided by our expert physiotherapist.

Workshops for back pain are posted to our events calendar. And your workplace or other group are welcome to book a private workshop at our clinic, email


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