Physiotherapy For Neck Pain


Neck pain can be persistent and accounts for many days off work or missed sports training sessions. As neck pain does not always remedy itself without intervention, reoccurring pain and immobility is not unusual. As it’s important that you return to work and other daily functions, physiotherapy for neck pain can help you reach these goals.

At Bodyharmonix your physiotherapy neck pain treatment will follow a diagnostic triage. Our highly qualified physiotherapist is experienced with the ‘red flags’ of acute and chronic neck pain. The structured physiotherapy we employ for neck pain treatment uses a stepped approach. For example, your medical history is recorded, and a comprehensive physical examination is used to determine your range of movement, pain intensity, and functional limitations.

Specific neck-exercises will be used during your physiotherapy for neck pain session. And these are modified so that you can practice them at home and work. It is vital that you incorporate our self-care programs into your daily living.

Maintaining movement, within your ability and pain tolerance, contributes immensely to the return of function to your shoulder girdle, cervical spine, cranium and supporting soft tissues. Passive treatments are also used in our physiotherapy for neck pain. For example, the use of hot or cold packs to aid you regaining movement in your neck area.

Periodically, our physiotherapist delivers ‘neck-school’ workshops at our clinic. These are small group classes that aim to extend your knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology that creates the biotensegrity of your neck. The neck care workshop will aid you in releasing tension in the neck area, through the practice of neck-specific exercises supervised by our physiotherapist. Our events calendar is updated regularly, or email to book for your workplace or other group visit.

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