Rehabilitation Physiotherapy


Our goal for your rehabilitation physiotherapy at Bodyharmonix is your recovery of optimum physical functioning. Therapeutic rehabilitation with our physiotherapist can alleviate your pain, extend your range of movement and decrease the likelihood of future dysfunction relapse. And we provide both pre-operative and post-operation rehabilitation physiotherapy options.

Functional independence after an injury or post-surgery are the quality of life improvement gains with rehabilitation physiotherapy. Our self-care physio rehab programs draw on the far-reaching contributions of Florence Nightingale’s physical rehabilitation with soldiers of the war in 1854. Your tailored rehabilitation physiotherapy treatments include you in the decision-making process, and require your commitment in restoring you to fit health again.

Your movement function recovery has a foundation in physiotherapy principles first established by Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Physical examination with the aim of re-harmonisation of the whole-body through physical manipulations encompasses our physiotherapy treatments. For chronic dysfunction, improving daily living movement patterns, limiting degeneration and managing pain through exercise is possible.

Initially our physiotherapist will begin your rehabilitation with methods to reduce swelling and to manage inflammation. As we take an active movement approach, therapeutic stretching and exercise within your capability and scope of confidence will be included. The early recovery phase will also seek to extend your range of movement and mobility potential. Mid-phase recovery attends to strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons. The goal being to restore your stability and whole-body biotensegrity. Your late-phase recovery requires more strength development and lifestyle-specific functional skills training.

At Bodyharmonix you will be professionally guided and challenged within your range of confidence and physical ability. Rehabilitation timeframes differ across personal characteristics and lifestyle factors. Always, your safety, dignity and self-determination are held in high regard and respected during your physiotherapy rehabilitation care program.


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