Remedial Massage for Golfers Elbow

Remedial Massage for Golfer’s Elbow

Remedial Massage for Golfer’s Elbow? Read about the causes and treatments available.

Your fascia is vital to your healthy movement. Functional movement patterns put less strain on your musculoskeletal system. At Bodyharmonix we take a holistic approach to your physical fitness and injury recovery. Remedial massage is a key conservative treatment we use to aid your recovery.

Causes of Golfer’s Elbow

One arm dysfunction that is not uncommon in Melbourne, is golfer’s elbow (epicondylar injury). The repetitive arm movements of golfing on a course or a chipping green can lead to inflammation of the elbow. The force and compression generated by your swings will determine wear and tear of your connective tissues.

Alternatively, a thickening of your tendon is a structural change that takes longer to develop. Also, carrying loads over 20kgs more than 10 times a day, or repetitive movements for more than 2 hours a day can lead to inner arm pain (Hoogvliet et al., 2013). Pain at the inner side of the elbow may be due to pathology of your extensor or flexor tendons. This pain will be activated when gripping your club, for example.  

Identifying Your Injury

Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylossi) is a condition our bodyworkers can identify, and help you to recover from. Remedial massage that is part of your golfer’s elbow treatment program will be tailored to your needs. Think of our Brunswick fitness centre as your personal Golfer’s Elbow Recovery Clinic.

Myofascial trigger points will be identified and remedial massage is used to release the tension. Remedial massage for golfer’s elbow helps because of its stretching methods.

Treating Your Condition

The first step is to release contraction and to flush your lymph system of waste from inflammation. Ice packs and lymphatic drainage may also be used. This will also help to decrease pain in your arm.  

It’s important to manage the acute stage of your injury. This is followed by other techniques to help you recover like friction to heat your muscles and connective tissue, relaxing them and enabling better stretch.

This will aid improve your golfing grip force. Also the deep massage methods will help to strengthen and condition your muscles and fascia to prevent future injury. Our remedial massage methods support your functional movement pattern rehabilitation.

Remedial massage can rehabilitate your movement patterns with its stretching and soft tissue release style. Softening the area by freeing contracted tissue will increase circulation. After a few sessions, you will find your pain in the area has decreased. You too will need to commit to the self-care program designed for you. Your healing strategy management requires you to do your homework. For example, you can track your pain level using our Bodyharmonix Pain Rating Scale (2017).

Overall, Bodyharmonix therapists can speed up your recovery rate with our remedial massage programs for golfer’s elbow.

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Charmayne Paul, Bodyharmonix Associate, of Psych and Stats Tutor ~ Chart your course to success~

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