Sports Physiotherapy

At Bodyharmonix, our sports physiotherapy Melbourne services are an elite service for athletes across ages and abilities. Our sports physio centre can enhance your training and sports performance with our holistic sports biomechanics physiotherapy. Sports-specific skills, knowledge and competencies focus on your whole-body structural integration and biotensegrity

The specialisation of Sports Physiotherapy is a recognised professional discipline to:

  • Promote physical activity safety
  • Inform training techniques
  • Prevent injury
  • Deliver targeted rehabilitation of training and competition injuries
  • Restore maximum functioning
  • Promote performance excellence
  • Educate with self-care advice
  • Maintain high quality services guided by ethical decisions

Physio sport training creates real change in your patterns of athletic functioning. And this makes an immense difference to your sports performance strength, agility and speed. Sports therapy increases your injury prevention, facilitated by optimising the biomechanics of your movement patterns. Our physiotherapy and sports injury clinic (The Biomechanics Lab) uses state of the art training equipment. And our innovative approach to sports physiotherapy is grounded in research-based data and mentorship by leaders in the field.

Training your training at our Bodyharmonix physiotherapy sports clinic in Brunswick for gold standard competencies of practice, transparency and accountability. Our sports physio and massage services can also accommodate team functional training sessions and intensive workshops. Physio sports massage post-training is also available to boost recovery time of exhausted muscles. Regular recovery sessions and team bookings can be made at

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