The Essential Nature of Sports Massage for Bodybuilding Recovery

The Essential Nature of Sports Massage for Bodybuilding Recovery


At Bodyharmonix we are firm believers in the utility of sports massage after an intense workout. Pain and fatigue are not unusual after you have pushed yourself to your limits. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be alleviated when attended to soon after your training session. To encourage recovery processes and to ensure your biomechanical stability, we provide a range of manual therapies to enhance your performance conditioning.

Methods and Styles 

A sports massage blends different massage styles (e.g., Swedish, Remedial and lymphatic drainage). They can alleviate pain and shift toxins that lead to fatigue and muscle soreness. Even a short massage after an intense training period can be effective, compared to no massage at all (Cooper, 2017). And sports massage is incredibly useful for bodybuilding recovery after an energetic training session.

The effectiveness of sports massage for bodybuilders was supported by a study that found that performance was improved (Kargarfard et al., 2016). And, sports therapy following a fierce workout resulted in less muscle damage. As well, muscle soreness was significantly alleviated within 24 hours of training.

The sports massage was given 2 hours following the intense training. And effleurage, petrissage and vibration massage techniques were used. The study highlights the importance of sports massage methods to assist a recovery period following a hard workout.

Our Recovery Treatment

Bodyharmonix sports massage therapists can help protect you from training overload. At our Brunswick fitness clinic, our therapists are well versed in identifying sign and symptoms burnout. Sports massage is a fantastic way for you as an athlete to make the most of your physical conditioning. And as a bodybuilder, our massage therapists will help reduce the likelihood you will experience a training injury.  

Our therapists tailor your sports therapy program for your personal needs. The pressure and strokes used will be to suit your stage of bodybuilding. Cleanse your muscles of toxic lactic acid and other waste products. And lengthen your muscles as sports massage aids in stretching your soft tissues. The goal is to reduce fibrous tension, which helps decrease any after training soreness.

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